Undergraduate Catalog: 2020-21

Dance BFA

The Fort Wayne Ballet Conservatory of Dance at the University of Saint Francis is an exciting partnership between the University and the Fort Wayne Ballet which offers both a four-year and two-year undergraduate academic program in dance. These programs will prepare students for a professional career in dance. Practical experience in the form of classes in classical ballet, contemporary dance, jazz, tap, character, repertoire, dance history and theory, pedagogy and choreography, as well as performing in productions will be an important part of the learning experience.

Student Learning Outcomes

Upon graduation, students in the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance will:

  • Demonstrate pre-professional competencies through technical mastery in modern dance
  • Demonstrate pre-professional competencies through independent problem solving and goal setting
  • Develop a body of work for evaluation in the major area of study through the final senior project or performance
  • Construct informed assessments of dance and communicate observations to people related to the dance practice
  • Develop a significant sense of what constitutes a serious work of dance and a coherent set of ideas and goals which are embodied in their work
  • Distinguish the social, cultural, and philosophical factors in the development of dance as an art form and its relationship to other art forms
  • Practice synthesis of a broad range of dance knowledge and skills

Degree Requirements

The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance requires 129 credit hours:

  • 48 credit hours of general education courses
  • 75 credit hours in Major Required Courses
  • 6 credit hours in elective courses as needed

Program of Studies

  • Major Required Courses, 75 hours:
    • 21 credit hours from any of the following DANC 110-114, DANC 210-211, or DANC 310-314
    • 12 credit hours from any of the following: DANC 150-154, DANC 250-254
    • 3 credit hours from any of the following: DANC 206, DANC 207
    • 39 credit hours from the following: DANC 205, DANC 280, DANC 290, THEA 215, DANC 260, DANC 261, DANC 221, DANC 321, DANC 350, DANC 285, DANC 390, PHES 410, DANC 470
  • General education courses, 48 credit hours with directed courses including DANC 110-114, DANC 260, MUSC 131, BIOL 218, DANC 498
  • Electives, 5-6 credit hours as needed

Admission Requirements

In addition to University of Saint Francis admission requirements, student applying for the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance Program must successfully complete and pass a dance audition.

Progression Requirements

Students in the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance Program complete a sophomore review/jury.

Graduation Requirements

Students in the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance Program complete a senior review/jury.