Undergraduate Catalog: 2021-22

Environmental Science Minor

The Environmental Science curriculum prepares students for surprisingly abundant jobs in the Fort Wayne area and those far afield.  This minor is designed for students with a strong interest in science and the environment and provides a wide range of possible courses for maximum flexibility.  USF has many other environmental curricular options including the Associates of Arts degree, minors in both Environmental Studies and Environmental Science, a bachelor’s in Environmental Science, and a bachelor’s in Environmental Health and Safety.  Within the bachelor of science 4-year degree in Environmental Science three concentrations exist: the Liberal Arts concentration, which balances courses in biology, chemistry, and Earth science; the Conservation Biology concentration, which trains students in field biology and working with rare species; and the Sustainable Food Systems concentration, an interdisciplinary concentration that provides students with a foundation in ecological principals, an understanding of food systems, and opportunities to develop skills in sustainable and urban farming practices.

Course Requirements

  • ENVS 232, BIOL 191 or CHEM 141
  • At least 11 credit hours from: BIOL 227, BIOL 257, BIOL 259,BIOL260, BIOL 347, BIOL 353, BIOL 366, BIOL 421, BIOL 439, BIOL 496 or 497 or 498 or 499 or CHEM 496 or 497 or 498 or 499, CHEM 343, ENVS 240, ENVS 305 or SCIE 276,ENVS 432, ENVS 481, ENVS 495, ENGL 205, ENGL 258, HIST 322, SOCI 440, PHIL 483