Undergraduate Catalog: 2021-22

Game & Application Development BS

The Game and Application Development program focuses on the creation of interactive software. Game theory and development practices are also used to produce practical educational and industrial programs such as training and certification modules and phone apps in additional to conventional games.

Game and Application Development students will be able to hone computer and math skills while leveraging UFS’s strong reputation in creative arts. With a strong foundation on experiential learning and support from the liberal arts, the curriculum begins with a foundation in operating systems and programming, and 2-D and 3-D composition and animation. Students continue with the exploration of game theory, game development, user interfaces, databases and networking. Upper-level courses focus on industrial gaming, modeling and multi-media law. Courses in mathematics and physics enhance knowledge and skills.

Students completing the B.S. in Game and Application Development are prepared to be computer software designers, a profitable and rapidly growing field.


The B.S. in Game and Application Development program offers two concentrations:

  • Design
  • Programming

Degree Requirements

The B.S. in Game and Application Development degree requires 120 credit hours:

  • 36-37 credit hours of general education courses
  • 36 credit hours of major program courses
  • 33-34 credit hours of concentration
  • 13-15 credit hours of electives

Program of Study

The B.S. in Game and Application Development degree requires:

  • Major core, 36-37 credit hours: CSCI 105, CSCI 230, CSCI, 275, CSCI 305, CSCI 306, CSCI 325, CSCI 340, CSCI 440, CSCI 480, CSCI 490, FILM 150, MUSC 418, COMM 450, MATH 133
  • Concentration in design, 33 credit hours: ART 106, ART 107, ART 218, ART 127, ART 150, ART 155, ART 236, ART 334, ART 457, ART 315, CSCI 250
  • Concentration in programming, 34 credit hours: CSCI 102, CSCI 106, CSCI 210, CSCI 220, CSCI 360, CSCI 390, CSCI 420 or CSCI 421 or CSCI 422, COMM 200, SCIE 257, MATH 302, MATH 345
  • Electives, 13-15 credit hours

Admission Requirements

Applicants must meet University of Saint Francis admission requirements. To be successful in this rigorous program, it is suggested students rank in the upper half of their high school graduation class, have a GPA of at least 2.3 on a 4.0 scale and earn a Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) re-centered score of 1,000 or above (Verbal/Critical Reading and Math combined) or an American College Test (ACT) composite score of 21 or above.

Progression Requirements

Game and Application Development majors must:

  • Maintain a cumulative program GPA of at least 2.3
  • Maintain a minimum grade of “C” in major program required courses: CSCI 102, CSCI 105, CSCI 106, CSCI 110, CSCI 210, CSCI 220, CSCI 230, CSCI 275, CSCI 305, CSCI 306, CSCI 340, CSCI 360, CSCI 480, CSCI 490, MATH 223, MATH 302, MATH 345, SCIE 257, and SCIE 258

Graduation Requirements

Prior to graduation, Game and Application Development are required to:

  • Complete an internship (CSCI 490)
  • Participate in research or complete a significant project via capstone (CSCI 480)