Undergraduate Catalog: 2021-22

Graphic Design AA

The Associate of Arts in Graphic Design program develops artistic skill and professional discipline in the world of visual communication and presentation. The curriculum is flexible and broad based and satisfies many student needs. The courses prescribed for the associate degree in Graphic Design satisfy all the requirements for a bachelor’s degree should a student decide to continue a four-year degree track.


The Associate of Arts in Graphic Design program offers four concentrations:

  • Concentration in Illustration
  • Concentration in Photography
  • Concentration in Web Design

Student Learning Outcomes

Upon graduation, students in the Associate of Art in Graphic Design must:

  • Develop a foundational understanding of design principles, technical skills and visual organization in order to achieve basic visual communication in one or more design media.
  • Establish a fundamental ability to demonstrate the link between design principles and objects and their integration in design projects, which contributes to their final outcome and use.
  • Form an understanding of target audiences utilizing demographic and psychographic data in order to communicate to them in the most visually effective manner.
  • Realize a functional knowledge of how the many varieties of visual design reflect and shape numerous characteristics of the context in which they are produced.

Degree Requirements

The Associate of Arts in Graphic Design requires 60 credit hours:

  • 33 credit hours in major required courses
  • 12-13 credit hours of general education courses
  • 9 credit hours in concentration courses as needed
  • 5-6 credit hours of electives

Program of Study

  • Major required courses, 33 credit hours: ART 206 or 110, ART 106, ART 107, ART 155, ART 180, ART 205, ART 207, ART 218, ART 326, ART 330 or CASE 200, including:
    • 3 credit hours from the following: COMM 210 or COMM 211
  • Concentration, 9 credit hours:
    • Illustration: ART 223, ART 310, ART 311
    • Photography: ART 280, ART 349, ART 360
    • Web Design: ART 248, ART 265, ART 438
  • General education, 12-13 credit hours

Admission Requirements

Applicants to the Associate of Arts in Graphic Design must meet University of Saint Francis admission requirements and participate in a portfolio review.

Graduation Requirements

Students in the Associate of Arts in Graphic Design Program complete a sophomore portfolio review.