Undergraduate Catalog: 2019-20

Ministry AA

Ministry proceeds from the heart of the Church. It flows from Jesus, is energized by the Holy Spirit and points to the Father in Heaven. Its purpose is to become a doorway into the Kingdom of God. Ministry students are prepared for professional and volunteer ministries within a program that aims to integrate human, spiritual, intellectual, and pastoral formation through a strong foundation in theology and guided field experience.

Ministry courses (prefixed MIN) introduce students to the different ministries, basic resources in ministry, and the nature and purpose of ministry within the Church and for the world. Students explore various ministries and develop the skills for those ministries.

Student Learning Outcomes

Upon graduation with an A.A. degree in Ministry, USF students will:

  • Demonstrate the qualities of human maturity needed for fruitful ministry with the people of God.
  • Internalize Christian spirituality and sacramentality as foundational to theology and ministry.
  • Examine the historical and social contexts of the biblical writings, of the Catholic exegetical tradition, and the major events in the history of the Church.
  • Interpret contemporary ethical problems in light of the theological roots of Catholic social/moral teachings.
  • Engage in theological analysis of Christian doctrine and practice.
  • Exhibit a range of leadership and pastoral skills needed for functioning effectively in ministry.

Degree Requirements

The A.A. in Ministry degree requires 60 credit hours:

  • 12 credit hours of general education courses
  • 36 credit hours in ministry, theology, philosophy, social work, and humanities courses
  • 6 credit hours of ministry practicum
  • 6 credit hours of elective courses.

Program of Study

The A.A. in Ministry degree requires:

  • Within the general education courses: THEO 105, PHIL 211
  • Major core, 27 credit hours: MIN 140, THEO 205, 206, 230, 245, 300, 320, 335, 360, HUMN 400
  • Major directed electives, 9 credit hours from: THEO 241, 250, 350, 460, SOCW 160, 250
  • Major practicum, 6 credit hours of: MIN 241, MIN 242, (MIN 243 if needed)

Admission Requirements

Applicants must meet University of Saint Francis admission requirements.

Progression Requirements

Ministry majors must maintain a GPA of at least 2.0. Ministry majors must pass a background check and complete an orientation. Prior to a hospital ministry practicum, Ministry majors must provide evidence of required vaccinations and complete a hospital orientation.

Graduation Requirements

Ministry majors must meet USF graduation requirements.