Undergraduate Catalog: 2019-20

Music Technology AS

In the Associate of Science in Music Technology program, students will develop fundamental music technology skills and gain an understanding of the technical, business, and creative areas of music technology, recording, live sound reinforcement, music production, and/or post-production.

Student Learning Outcomes

Upon graduation, students in the Associates of Science in Music Technology must:

  • Demonstrate fundamental techniques using music production hardware and software.
  • Recognize career options and be able to outline a path to achieve career goals in at least one area of music technology.
  • Analyze the compositional structures of contemporary musical works.
  • Demonstrate a functional proficiency in at least one area of instrumental or vocal performance.
  • Demonstrate basic work skills relevant to studio recording, live audio, music production, post production and/or contemporary performance.

Degree Requirements

The Associate of Science in Music Technology requires 67 credit hours:

  • 45 credit hours in major required courses
  • 12-13 credit hours of general education courses
  • 9-10 credit hours in elective courses as needed

Program of Studies

  • Major Required Courses, 45 hours:
    • 4 credit hours from any MUSP 100 level course;
    • 2 credit hours from any MUSP 200 level course;
    • 27 credit hours from:
      • MUSC 135 Fundamentals of Music Technology
      • MUSC 136 Music Theory I
      • MUSC 137 Piano I
      • MUSC 138 Ear Training I
      • MUSC 120 Rhythm and Programming I
      • MUSC 142 Music Theory II
      • MUSC 143 Piano II
      • MUSC 144 Ear Training II
      • MUSC 122 Rhythm and Programming II
      • COMM 200 Digital Tools for Communication
      • MUSC 220 MIDI
      • MUSC 230 Recording Studio Techniques
      • MUSC 250 DAWs and Editing
    • 3 credit hours from any of the following:
      • MUSC 131 Music Appreciation
      • MUSC 271 History of Rock and Roll
      • MUSC 272 Jazz Appreciation
    • 9 credit hours from any of the following:
      • MUSC 280 Live Audio Practicum
      • MUSC 240 Musical Acoustics
      • MUSC 285 Audio for Film, Video, and Animation
      • MUSC 290 Music Industry
      • MUSC 245 Songwriting
      • MUSC 255 Orchestration
  • General Education, 12-13 credit hours
  • Electives, 9-10 credit hours as needed

Admission Requirements

Applicants to the Associate of Science in Music Technology Program must meet University of Saint Francis admission requirements.

Graduation Requirements

Students in the Associate of Sciences in Music Technology Program complete a sophomore portfolio review.