Undergraduate Catalog: 2021-22

Political Science: Pre-Law BA

Note: This program is being phased out and is no longer accepting new students.

The program combines a solid foundation in political science with law-related courses in other disciplines. Like the program in political science, it is designed to promote critical thinking and discussion. Students will hone their research and writing skills by completing a senior thesis in their area of interest. They may also take advantage of one of the university’s 3+3 agreements with law schools in the Midwest. These agreements allow participating students to complete their J.D. in six years instead of seven.

In addition to the prescribed courses that form the core of the program, students choose from directed electives in fields such as criminal justice and forensic science. They can work with their faculty academic advisor to create a tailored curriculum, including a possible minor or second major in a related field of study.

Student Learning Outcomes

Upon graduation with a B.A. degree in Political Science – Pre-Law, USF students will have:

  • Demonstrated an understanding of how research shapes major themes and questions in political science.
  • Developed a clear and concise argument concerning a question in their area of interest.
  • Discerned discipline-appropriate source materials to support their thesis.
  • Explicated and defended their research results in a clear and cogent oral presentation.

Degree Requirements

The B.A. degree in Political Science – Pre-Law requires 120 credit hours:

  • 47-49 credit hours of general education courses
  • 21 credit hours of prescribed courses in political science 9 credit hours in the pre-law core
  • 9 credit hours of pre-law directed electives
  • 3 credit hours of study in history and social policy elective courses as needed