Undergraduate Catalog: 2021-22

Pre-Art Therapy BA

The Bachelor of Arts in Pre-Art Therapy program is a viable option for students seeking a career in Art Therapy. Registered art therapists must earn a master’s degree, and this program meets the requirements for admission to graduate art therapy programs. This program blends a solid curriculum in the Studio Arts with courses in Psychology and Social work. Together these prepare students for graduate study in Art Therapy as well as other related post-graduate fields.


The Bachelor of Arts in Pre-Art Therapy program offers three concentrations:

  • Concentration in 2/D
  • Concentration in 3/D
  • Concentration in Photography

Student Learning Outcomes

Upon graduation, students in the Bachelor of Art in Pre-Art Therapy must:

  • Have advanced skills in one or more of the studio art disciplines. Students shall gain experience using a variety of art materials and processes and develop a portfolio demonstrating competence with art materials.
  • Have knowledge of the basic principles of sociology and cultural anthropology, including understanding of social conflict, group dynamics, the relationship of culture to the development of personality, and ethnic and multicultural issues and influences.
  • Have knowledge of the basic principles of general psychology, abnormal psychology, and developmental psychology, with additional studies suggested in such areas as educational, clinical, experimental, and social psychology, child and adolescent psychology, disabilities, and family systems.
  • Be working under supervision as a volunteer in agencies serving individuals with various disabilities and in settings associated with the development of creative expression, participating in field experiences associated with foundational art therapy courses, studying the history and theory of art therapy, or engaging the process of adapting and applying of studio techniques to art therapy.

Adapted from the NASAD Handbook, 2019/2020 – Essential Competencies, Experiences, and Opportunities

Degree Requirements

The Bachelor of Arts in Pre-Art Therapy requires 120 credit hours:

  • 71 credit hours in Major Required Courses
  • 36-37 credit hours of Franciscan Core Courses
  • 9 hours in Concentration Courses
  • 12 -13 credit hours in elective courses as needed

Program of Studies

  • Major required core courses, 50 credit hours: ART 106, ART 107, ART 108, ART 145, ART 207, ART 218, ART 245, ART 246, ART 330, ART 403, ART 351, PSYC 232, PSYC 286, PSYC 325, PSYC 339, PSYC 441, and PSYC 385
    • 3 credit hours from the following: SOCW 250 or COMM 250
    • Art History requirement, 6 credit hours: ARTH 206, ARTH 345
    • 2/D Requirement, 3 credit hours from any of the following: ART 130, ART 180, ART 223-227, ART 251, 252, ART 280, ART 301-305, ART 307, ART 360, ART 420, ART 421-425
    • 3/D Requirement, 3 credit hours, from any of the following: ART 253, ART 352-356, ART 362, ART 363-367, ART 370, ART 371-375
  • Concentration, 9 credit hours:
    • 2/D: ART 130, ART 223-227, ART 251, ART 420-425, ART 307, 420-425
    • 3/D: ART 253, ART 362-367, ART 352-356, ART 370-375
    • Photography: ART 180, ART 252, ART 280-285, ART 349, ART 360, ART 419, ART 460
  • General education, 36-37 credit hours with directed courses including PSYC 121, ART 107 and ART 498
  • Electives, 12-13 credit hours as needed

Admission Requirements

Applicants to the Bachelor of Arts in Pre-Art Therapy Program must meet University of Saint Francis admission requirements.

Progression Requirements

Students in the Bachelor of Arts in Pre-Art Therapy Program complete a sophomore portfolio review.

Graduation Requirements

Students in the Bachelor of Arts in Pre-Art Therapy Program complete a senior portfolio review.