Undergraduate Catalog: 2021-22

Studio Art AA

The Associate of Arts in Studio Art offers students a general overview of the various visual art disciplines with the opportunity to develop further in their preferred artistic media.  The Associate of Arts in Studio Art is supported by fully equipped studios designed to facilitate learning and creativity and accommodate health and safety standards. The degree can serve as a stand-alone introductory survey of artistic disciplines, or as a transitional step into the full Bachelor of Studio Art (BA) program. All courses prescribed for the associates degree also satisfy requirements for a bachelor’s degree should a student decide to continue a four-year degree track.

Student Learning Outcomes

Upon graduation, students in the Associate of Arts in Studio Art must:

  • Demonstrate technical skills in major area of concentration and achieve basic visual communication and expression in one or more media
  • Develop an artistic maturity and sensitivity to visual aesthetics, making workable connections between concept and media
  • Utilize the principles of visual art and design
  • Analyze the intentions of major artists/designers and movements of the past and the present, both in the Western and non-Western worlds
  • Evaluate the nature of contemporary thinking on art and design
  • Discern quality in design projects and works of art

Degree Requirements

The Associate of Arts in Studio Art requires 60 credit hours:

  • 23 credit hours in major required courses
  • 6 credit hours in art history courses
  • 9 credit hours in ART electives
  • 12-13 credit hours of Franciscan Core Curriculum (FCC) courses
  • 3 credits hours in FCC literature requirement
  • 7-9 credit hours in elective courses as needed

Program of Studies

  • Major Required Courses, 23 credit hours:
    • ART 106, ART 107, ART 108, ART 168, ART 180, ART 207 or ART 307, ART 218, ART 268, ART 351 or ART 362, ART 420
  • Art History Requirement, 6 credit hours:
    • ARTH 206
    • Select 3 credit hours from the following: ARTH 109, ARTH 110, ARTH 235, ARTH 270, ARTH 335, ARTH 345
  • Art Electives, 9 credit hours:
    • 2D Studio Art: ART 130, ART 207, ART 223-227, ART 251, ART 307, ART 310, ART 311, ART 420-425, ART 430
    • 3D Studio Art: ART 150, ART 253, ART 362-367, ART 352-356, ART 370-375, ART 430
    • Photography: ART 180, ART 252, ART 280, ART 281-285, ART 349, ART 360, ART 419, ART 430, ART 460
  • General Education, 12-13 credit hours with directed courses including ART 107
  • FCC Literature Requirement, 3 credit hours
  • Electives, 7-9 credit hours

Admission Requirements

Applicants to the Associate of Arts in Studio Arts program must meet University of Saint Francis admission requirements and participate in a portfolio review.

Graduation Requirements

Students in the Associate of Arts in Studio Arts Program complete a sophomore portfolio review.