Undergraduate Catalog: 2019-20

Academic Calendar

The academic year consists of two semesters, each approximately 16 weeks in length and one summer term. Classes are generally scheduled on a five-day week. The university offers an extensive selection of late afternoon and evening classes.

Fall Semester 2019

Date Event
August 26 Weekday classes begin, 8 Week Session Begins
September 2 Labor Day (no classes)
October 17-18 Semester Break (no classes)
October 17 Employee Development Day (no classes)
October 18 Mid-Semester, 8 Week Session Ends
October 21 8 Week Session Begins
November 27-December 1 Thanksgiving Vacation (no classes)
December 9-13 Final Exams
December 13 8 Week Session Ends

Spring Semester 2020

Date Event
January 13 Weekday classes begin, 8 Week Session Begins
January 20 Martin Luther King Day (no classes)
March 6 Mid-Semester, 8 Week Session Ends
March 9 8 Week Session Begins
March 9-13 Spring Vacation (no classes)
April 9 (5 p.m)-12 Easter Vacation (no classes)
April 27-May 1 Final Exams
May 1 8 Week Session Ends
May 2 Commencement Ceremonies

Summer Term 2020

Date Event
May 4 Term Begins, 8 Week Session Begins
May 25 Memorial Day (no classes)
June 26 8 Week Session Ends
June 29 8 Week Session Begins
Aug 21 Term Ends, 8 Week Session Ends