Undergraduate Catalog: 2019-20

Add & Drop Courses

Changes in schedule may be made by the student on Cougar Connection or in the Registrar’s office to safeguard the accuracy of the student’s permanent record. The drop/add period deadlines vary by course format type and are published in the course schedule.

A student who desires to make any change in his/her schedule must complete a Drop/Add form which is available in the Registrar’s office. The student must then have the completed Drop/Add form signed by his or her advisor (and coach if an athlete), by another faculty member in the department, or by Student Academic Support Services staff as evidence that possible alternatives and consequences were discussed. The completed Drop/Add form must be taken to the Registrar’s office for processing.

Students who complete the desired change on My Cougar Connection are strongly advised to first secure the approval of their advisor. It should be noted that changes in full-time or part-time status may affect financial aid, Veteran’s benefits, residential status or athletic eligibility.

In certain circumstances, the university will complete an administrative drop from courses for students who have not completed the prerequisite course successfully.