Undergraduate Catalog: 2020-21

Educational Expenses

Tuition and Fees

While every effort is made to keep costs at a reasonable level, annual inflationary increases should be expected. Tuition and fees set by the Board of Trustees are published in the Course Schedule, which can be accessed through the Internet. If you have any questions or need additional information on current tuition and fees, please contact the Business Office.

Payment of Tuition

Tuition is to be paid each semester by the due date printed on the bill. Late fees may be added to a past due account. Students may send their payments through the mail, pay on-line through the Student Account Center at sf.afford.com, or at the Business Office during operating hours. Students with a past due balance on their student account are placed on Business Office Hold. Students who have a Business Office Hold on their account will have their opportunity to register for classes delayed until the student account is paid in full. Unpaid student account balances are subject to a penalty or interest and collection fees. Students are responsible for any and all collection costs and attorney fees associated with the collection of unpaid student account balances.

All unpaid bills are subject to the following regulations:

  • Credit for university work will not be given to any student for a diploma, a teacher’s certificate, or for transfer purposes, until all debts to the university have been paid.
  • Students will not be eligible for readmission unless accounts are paid in full.
  • Students who have delinquent accounts may be restricted from attending classes until satisfactory arrangements have been made for payment of their past due obligations to the university.

Deferred Payment Plan

The University provides deferred payment plans through a third-party processor. Students may arrange for a budgeted payment plan in order to avoid a large cash outlay at the beginning of each semester. Students enroll in the deferred payment plans by paying a non-refundable fee and agreeing to pay a portion of their tuition and fees in equal payments that are due monthly. Information concerning the deferred payment plan is available at sf.afford.com. Please contact the Business Office for additional details concerning enrollment in the Payment Plan option.

Student Account Record

Students can access their Student Account Record by going to the Student Account Center at sf.afford.com. Students are expected to use the Student Account Center whenever they need to review their Student Account Record, check their balance due, verify transaction activity and/or print their Student Account Record History. The student’s 1098T is available on My Cougar Connection. Students can obtain login assistance at the Help Desk in the Lee and Jim Vann Library in Pope John Paul II Center or by calling 260.399.8195.

Returned Checks

Checks returned unpaid because of insufficient funds or for any other reason are considered a serious matter by the university. There is a $30 service charge if a check is returned to the University for any reason. The student whose account was credited will be notified that the check has been returned. Returned checks must be redeemed at the Business Office with cash, cashier’s check or money order by the due date on the notice sent to the student. Personal checks are not acceptable for the redemption of a returned check. The ability to pay with a personal check will be suspended with the second returned check.

Senior Citizen Discount

Students aged 60 and older who are non-degree seeking qualify for a reduction in tuition charges. The Senior Citizen tuition per credit hour is published in the Course Schedule.