Undergraduate Catalog: 2021-22

Fort Wayne Higher Education Consortium

The Fort Wayne Higher Education Consortium is a group of seven area institutions: Huntington University, Indiana Institute of Technology, Purdue Fort Wayne, Ivy Tech Community College, Manchester University, Trine University, and the University of Saint Francis. The Consortium allows University of Saint Francis students to enroll in a regularly offered course during a fall or spring semester at any other Consortium school under the following conditions:

  1. Students must be enrolled as degree-seeking at the University of Saint Francis.
  2. Students must be enrolled in at least three semester hours at the University of Saint Francis and remain enrolled in that course during the entire semester. Students who withdraw from all University of Saint Francis courses will also be withdrawn from the Consortium course.
  3. Students may register for a Consortium course only if the equivalent University of Saint Francis course is not available to them at the end of the registration period because it is closed. A student may register for a Consortium course that is equivalent to a University of Saint Francis offering only if the student’s plan of study necessitates taking the course during a given semester.
  4. Students may take only one Consortium course per semester and a maximum of four Consortium courses during their academic career. Consortium registrations are not available during the summer.
  5. Students register for courses taken under the Consortium agreement at the University of Saint Francis. Consortium courses are treated as resident credit for purposes of satisfying graduation requirements, athletic eligibility and financial aid.
  6. The final grade earned at the Consortium school will be posted on the student’s University of Saint Francis transcript.
  7. Students are charged the tuition they would pay if the course were offered at the University of Saint Francis. The host (Consortium) school will bill students only for course-specific fees, such as lab, technology and material fees. Students are responsible for paying any course-specific fees directly to the host school.
  8. Students must have permission of the Registrar to enroll in a Consortium course.
  9. Enrollment is subject to space availability in the course. The host school determines when to permit Consortium students to register.
  10. Academic regulations of the host school apply to Consortium courses. Students are responsible for informing themselves about starting and ending dates for the class, vacation dates, academic regulations (i.e. last date to withdraw, grading policies, attendance policies), and other regulations which may differ from those of the University of Saint Francis.

To register for a Consortium course, students must:

  1. Pick up a Consortium registration form in the Registrar’s office.
  2. Complete the form and return it to the Registrar’s office for approval.
  3. Register and pay for the course at the University of Saint Francis. University of Saint Francis tuition rates apply.