Undergraduate Catalog: 2021-22

Good Academic Standing

Students are in good academic standing if they meet the minimum cumulative GPA requirements in relation to the number of earned credit hours identified in the chart below.

Determination of Good Academic Standing
Earned Credit Hours Minimum Cumulative GPA
0–15 1.60
16–30 1.70
31–45 1.80
46–59 1.90
60+ 2.00

A student may be in good academic standing at the university and yet still not meet program progression requirements required by an academic program, which in some cases are higher. Please consult the section pertaining to your academic program in this catalog for further details on program progression requirements.

Determination of good academic standing does not determine eligibility for financial aid. Please see “Standards of Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) for Financial Aid Funding” in this catalog for further details on satisfactory academic progress requirements that are necessary to maintain financial aid eligibility.

Academic Warning

Students whose cumulative GPA is below 2.0 but above the earned credit hours and minimum cumulative GPA requirements outlined in the chart above are placed on academic warning. Students on academic warning will enter Mentoring for Academic Progress (MAP) and are required to meet the expectations set forth by the program. Students will remain in the MAP program until they achieve a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0. Students placed on academic warning maintain good academic standing.

Academic Probation

Students whose cumulative GPA falls below the minimum requirements for good academic standing are placed on academic probation and are required to participate in the MAP program. At the end of each subsequent semester, the Academic Progress Committee (APC) will meet to review and discuss students who remain below good academic standing to determine if the student will remain on academic probation or be placed on academic suspension or dismissal. All decisions by APC are final.

Academic Suspension

A student may be academically suspended for failing to meet minimum requirements in a semester in which he or she is placed on academic probation or otherwise expressed by Academic Progress Committee (APC). The first suspension a student receives may be for one academic semester. A second suspension will be for a full academic year. Students may reapply to the institution at the completion of the suspension period; however, reapplying will not automatically result in readmission. Students who reapply must provide evidence to support academic preparedness and progression with their reapplication, which will be reviewed by APC. All decisions by APC are final.

Students placed on academic suspension are not considered in good academic standing and will not have a degree conferred.