Undergraduate Catalog: 2021-22

Independent Study

Independent study, tutorial courses and directed study carry special fees and are available only to degree-seeking students at the University of Saint Francis, and only in cases of demonstrated and exceptional need as determined by the student’s advisor, the Division Director and the Dean of the School. These options are not to be viewed as rights of students, but rather as options that may meet with approval in certain circumstances. These options are not available to special or transient students. Students should take a regularly scheduled class if at all possible.

Independent Study

This option involves a student’s request to take one of the courses listed in the Undergraduate Catalog on an independent study basis.

Tutorial Course

This option involves a student’s request to take one of the courses which is specially designed to require minimal contact with a faculty member.

Directed Study

A student may choose this option in which he/she engages in an individual project to investigate an area that is not included in regular course offerings. The project may be of the nature of research or advanced study in a selected area of interest. The course number 490 in the major is reserved for this study.

Regulations for Independent Study Options

  • An independent study, tutorial or directed study must be approved in writing on the electronic Independent Study form available on Form Central.
  • It is the faculty’s responsibility to fill out and submit the form so the registrar can create the course and register the student.
  • A student may take up to a total of nine hours (preferably six hours) of independent studies throughout his/her program. He/she must have already successfully completed all, or nearly all, of the coursework in that discipline and/or must demonstrate a high degree of expertise in the area.
  • Regular tuition will be charged, plus an additional fee per semester hour if the course is offered at the student’s request and is not a required course. It is strongly recommended that independent study courses not be taken during the summer term.
  • Students who do not have a good record of attendance or academic achievement may be denied the opportunity of doing independent study coursework.