Undergraduate Catalog: 2020-21

Non-Degree Students

Individuals who wish to enroll at the University of Saint Francis without working toward an academic degree are classified as non-degree students. Non-degree students may apply for regular admission and must meet all requirements of the standard admission process. See the Director of Admissions for more information.

Non-degree students fall into the following four categories. 

Guest Students

Students enrolled at other colleges or universities who wish to earn credit at the University of Saint Francis must secure a letter of good standing or official transcript and approval of their attendance from the dean or registrar of their home college. This letter or transcript, a completed Application for Admission, and a $20 application fee (or apply online for free) must be submitted to the Office of Admissions at USF. Other university transcripts are also recommended and/or may be required for course placement.

Non-Degree Adult Students

Students age 24 and over interested in enrolling part time and taking courses for credit, for self-enrichment, and/or for job improvement may apply as non-degree adult students. Students must submit an official transcript from the last academic institution attended, a completed Application for Admission and a $20 application fee or apply online for free. University transcripts are also recommended and/ or may be required for course placement.

Audit Students

Students who wish to enroll in a course or courses on a non-credit basis are classified as audit students and must complete an audit application form. No other credentials are required for admission, and no application fee is charged. Audit students receive a grade of “AU” and no college credit for their courses. Students registering as audit students are requested to consult the current semester schedule for the per-credit-hour audit fee. To audit, students must have met the prerequisites for courses or have the instructor’s permission to take the class. Audit students may register for open classes only and can register the day after current student registration. Audit students will receive a tuition discount per credit hour. Audit students must reapply each semester. Contact the Office of Admissions for more information.