Undergraduate Catalog: 2021-22

Study Abroad Opportunities

The University of Saint Francis recognizes the value of carefully planned study abroad for students who are qualified and interested in such opportunities. The university will formalize arrangements with colleges offering study abroad programs and investigate consortium arrangements for international study as student interest dictates.

The interested student is encouraged to investigate the many excellent programs for international study offered by American colleges and universities, as well as the opportunities for direct enrollment in a foreign institution. All programs should be planned in cooperation with the department chair or dean of the school to assure full credit and the most rewarding educational experience possible.

Study experiences will be approved for a student who has a proven record of academic achievement (minimum GPA 3.0) and who will be classified as a junior or senior (minimum of 64 earned credit hours) at the time of the intended international study experience. Students planning to spend a semester or year away from campus should be thoroughly familiar with both major and graduation requirements. Coursework must be approved by the student’s advisor. The student is responsible for providing an official transcript to verify all coursework.

Academic departments arrange study programs for which students may receive credit. These programs vary in duration and cost.