Undergraduate Catalog: 2021-22

Undergraduates in Graduate Courses

The policy applies to select Master’s degree-awarding programs and the Transition To Teaching non-degree licensure program. The Physician Assistant Studies and all the graduate level degrees in Behavioral and Social Sciences are excluded from this policy.

Registration will be approved if course capacity and seat availability allows with registration preference given to currently enrolled program students and newly admitted program students.

A USF undergraduate division student may be allowed to register for select graduate level courses to meet the Master’s degree program requirements that they wish to pursue after completing their undergraduate degree under the following conditions. The student:

  1. Must seek approval from the current academic advisor or division director.
  2. Must have achieved a cumulative GPA of 3.00 or higher if the graduate program requires a higher GPA.
  3. Must have achieved senior class status (90 credits earned) at the time of the start of the course.
  4. Must have completed the application for admission to the graduate program.
  5. Must be already registered for 12 undergraduate credits in the semester of intent to take the graduate level course.
  6. Will be restricted to one graduate level course per 8-week sub-term in a Helix-managed program; or restricted to two graduate level courses in a 16-week semester in a non-Helix managed program.
  7. Will be restricted to registration for a total of 3 courses in the targeted graduate program.
  8. Must maintain the satisfactory academic progression standards for courses in the graduate division which is a minimum course final grade of “C”.
  9. Will be charged according to the undergraduate tuition schedule.