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2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog 
2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog

Nutrition: Health Promotion, B.S.

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With the Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition: Health Promotion, careers may be found in public health settings, school food service programs, foodservice management operations, food development and marketing, nutritional product/pharmaceutical sales to list a few. This concentration prepares students to specialize in community nutrition and health promotion. Service learning experiences offer opportunities to gain practical experience and establish a network in the field. This is different than the Coordinated Program in Dietetics (CPD). See Bachelor of Science in Nutrition: Coordinated Program in Dietetics for CPD program guidelines.

Student Learning Outcomes

Upon graduation with a B.S. degree in Nutrition: Health Promotion, USF students will:

  • Conduct a community health needs assessment and evaluate the effectiveness of existing health programs available to the community.
  • Communicate effectively, using a variety of methods, to address the needs of diverse learners.
  • Critically evaluate research in the field of nutrition in order to provide current, evidence-based  information.
  • Engage in ethical behavior and legal practice within the field of nutrition.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the basic principles of nutrition throughout the lifecycle as they apply to chronic disease prevention, physical fitness and health promotion.
  • Demonstrate leadership and the ability to work in teams.

Degree Requirements

The B.S. in Nutrition: Health Promotion degree requires 120 credit hours:

  • 36-37 credit hours Franciscan Core Requirements
  • 40-41 credit hours in the major core (excluding four required courses counted in the Franciscan Core Requirements)
  • 35 credit hours in Health Promotion Concentration
  • 9 elective courses as needed

The Nutrition minor requires:

  • 18 credit hours of courses in health, exercise science, and nutrition

Program of Study

The B.S. in Nutrition: Health Promotion degree requires:

36-37 Franciscan Core Requirements

Admission Requirements

Applicants must meet University of Saint Francis admission requirements.

Progression Requirements

Nutrition majors must maintain a GPA of at least 2.0.

Graduation Requirements

Nutrition majors must meet USF graduation requirements.

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